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We commit ourselves to treating a variety of foot conditions and helping patients walk out of our office with a pair of healthy feet. At Leonard Greenwald DPM, we provide quality care in the San Jose area, taking the time to understand the patient’s needs and answer any questions about the treatment procedure. Dr. Greenwald specializes in podiatry and focuses on surgery to ensure optimal functionality in patients’ feet after the treatment.

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About the Practice

Our Team

Dr. Greenwald is part of the Physicians Medical Group of San Jose, the Regional Medical Center of San Jose and the Diplomat American Board of Podiatric Surgery. The staff at Leonard Greenwald DPM offers professional podiatric care to patients in and around the San Jose area. We will assess the medical situation, listen to any concerns of the patient, offer high-quality comprehensive treatment and treat each patient in a comforting environment. We will also go over the proper care techniques to ensure a strong recovery. While Dr. Greenwald specializes in podiatry, he has a focus on surgery. We understand that the thought of needing foot surgery can be frightening for many. This is why Dr. Greenwald and our staff will cover any concerns or questions of the patient prior. We make sure that our patients are comfortable during and after their treatment. Our patients will leave in a better condition than when they arrived.

Our Services

It can be easy to dismiss pain in the foot or trouble walking as nothing serious. However, as the pain lingers and grows, professional podiatric care will be the best way to ensure a healthy and complete recovery. Leonard Greenwald DPM provides comprehensive foot care to patients struggling with a variety of medical issues. Dr. Greenwald has a focus in foot surgery and can offer a variety of services with each patient. We treat the entire family with the highest level of medical care. Our services include: Ankle Instability, Ankle Sprains, Arthritic Foot and Ankle Care, Athlete’s Foot Treatment, Bunion Removal Surgery, Diabetic Foot Infections, Flat Feet, Foot Doctor, Foot Injury Specialist, Foot Injury treatment, Foot Pain, Foot Surgeon, Fractured Foot, Geriatric Foot Care, Hammertoes, Heel Spurs, Ingrown Toenails, Metatarsalgia Treatment, Neuromas, Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Plantar Warts, Podiatrist, Podiatry, Poor Foot Circulation and Toenail Fungus. We will make sure that each patient has the highest and most effective method for treatment. Our patients will receive the necessary information to continue a healthy recovery after the treatment plan with any support they may need.

Patient Information

From the moment you enter our office in San Jose, California, you will be in capable hands. Our staff works to create a comforting experience in the waiting room and during the appointment. We can answer any questions and verify that each patient understands the details of their procedure. Dr. Greenwald will go over all necessary information before a foot surgery, answering the patient’s questions as well. We will also help to discuss financial concerns prior to the procedure. At our office, there are no wrong questions, so do not be afraid to speak up with any concerns for your treatment. We will also go over insurance coverage and finances as needed. No matter the issue with your foot, we give all patients a high-quality level of care. If you are in need of podiatric care, contact us at (408) 827-9483 and schedule an appointment.